Enrollment rules for foreigners

The requirements for foreigners wanting to pursue education in Poland are regulated by the Polish educational law.


Foreigners will be admitted into school in August, after the conclusion of the supplementary recruitment process for Polish candidates, provided that places are still available. Basis for admission is either school certificate or age; there is no entry exam.


Candidate must provide the following documents:

  • school certificate
  • valid passport 
  • copy of the birth certificate
  • notarial authorization to provide legal guardianship for a student residing in Poland without parents
  • 2 photos (30x42mm)
  • health card

Moreover, to be eligible for enrollment in the Polish upper secondary education system, candidates not holding Polish citizenship—in addition to meeting the standards set by the Polish educational law—must also, at the beginning of the enrollment process, meet the basic factual criteria, namely:


1) to have a Polish address of residence;
2) not to attend a school abroad.


No proof of Polish language competency is needed. Every student requiring help has the opportunity to partake, free of charge, in 2-5 hours of additional Polish language classes per week.


The school provides care only at location and during outside classroom activities.

The school does not provide free accommodation or meals.


Candidates may send an application and documents by email – scans or legible photographs – e-mail: rekrutacja@xlilo.krakow.pl – the subject of the message should include the name, surname, class of first choice and the subject of correspondence, e.g. application, certified copy of the certificate, e.t.c

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